SB999 Hearing Oct. 7th!

Exciting Announcement!
There is a Senate Intergovernmental Relations Committee hearing scheduled for SB999, the Liberty Preservation Act, which would make it illegal for Pa to assist the Feds in the enforcement of the NDAA of 2012!
Tuesday, Oct. 7th, at 10:00 am.
North Office Building, Hearing Room #2
Capitol, Harrisburg
This is a PUBLIC hearing, so we hope you will attend!
Please contact your state senator and ask him or her to co-sponsor this important bill to protect our rights of due process in Pennsylvania!
Find out how to contact your state senator here:

Call to Action for Liberty Republicans in Pa!

 On Tuesday, February 18th, 2014, Republicans across Pennsylvania will begin to collect signatures to become elected officials in the Republican Party.  Any registered Republican can run for these important party positions.

The Republican Party is organized by committees.  Every county in Pennsylvania has a Republican Committee.  In addition, every county elects representatives to serve on the Republican State Committee.  

The county committees are organized by precinct.  Most counties are supposed to have 2 elected committee people in every precinct, but many of these positions remain vacant for many reasons.  The terms of office are usually 2 or 4 years (check your county committee's bylaws for the terms.)  You can run for these positions by obtaining a nomination petition at your county's Voter Registration office and obtaining a minimum of 10 signatures from registered Republicans in your precinct.  You are entitled to a free "walking list" of voters when you pick up your petition.

The state committee members are on 4-year terms.  They are expected to attend 3 meetings per year in the Harrisburg area.  In order to run for state committee, you must download the nomination petition off the Pennsylvania Department of Elections web site.  You need a minimum of 100 signatures of registered Republicans in your county or district in order to get your name on the ballot.  You can obtain a free "walking list" of voters at your county courthouse.   There is a $25 filing fee, and your petitions must be filed in Harrisburg.

Any petition for party office must be filed by close of business on March 11, 2014.

I encourage all liberty-Republicans to run for one of these important party positions.

Lois Kaneshiki


Republican Liberty Caucus-Pennsylvania Chapter


Liberty Preservation Act Vote Jan. 15th

We finally got SB999, the Liberty Preservation Act, on the Intergovernmental Operations Committee schedule!  We need your help to get it passed out of committee sot we can get a FULL SENATE VOTE! 

The meeting is scheduled for this Wednesday, January 15th, 2014,  at 10am in room 461 at the state Capitol.  This is a public meeting and you can attend and observe the discussion and vote!

 The Liberty Preservation Act makes it illegal for Pennsylvania law enforcement to assist the federal government in using the egregious sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to detain citizens indefinitely, without a warrant or any of our Constitutionally-protected due process rights!


We need you to do the following early this week:


1.      Call, email and tweet your state senator and ask him to co-sponsor SB999.

Find your state senator here:

 2.      Forward this web link to your friends with a personal request.

3.     Contact the members of the Intergovernmental Operations Committee via phone, email, twitter, and or Facebook.  These members will determine whether or not SB999 gets a vote in the state Senate!



Highest priority are Senators Greenleaf and Smucker.


Senator Greenleaf

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Twitter:  @senGreenleaf  (use #SB999 and #NDAA)


Senator Smucker

(717) 787-6535

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twitter:  @SenatorSmucker


Senator Scarnati

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Senator Mensch






Senator Wiley (minority Chair)

(717) 787-8927


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Senator Hughes

(717) 787-7112

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Senator Teplitz

(717) 787-6801

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Senator Wozniak

(717) 787-5400

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Thank our courageous co-sponsors!


Senator Folmer (prime sponsor)



Senator Hutchinson (committee Chair)

(717) 787-9684


Senator Argall



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Senator Eichelberger

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(717) 787-5490


Senator Alloway

(717) 787-4651


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Thank you for helping us fight for liberty in Pennsylvania!

Please become a member today and help us defend the Constitution!


RLCPa says NO to Reducing Size of Legislature

On December 18, 2013, the Board of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus passed the following resolution:

Republican Liberty Caucus

Pennsylvania Chapter

Resolution Against Reducing Size of State Legislature


Whereas, in a representative Republic, elected officials should be accountable to their constituents, and

Whereas, the more constituents there are per official, the less access citizens have to their legislators, and

Whereas, the larger the legislative districts, the harder it is for ordinary citizens to seek elected office, and

Whereas, reduction in the size of the legislature will act as an “incumbency protection program,” and

Whereas, the problems with the Pennsylvania General Assembly are not that we have too many legislators, and

Whereas, the cost of the legislature should be addressed by changing to a part-time legislature and eliminating the unconstitutional pensions (Article II of Pennsylvania Constitution: “Compensation”)

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Republican Liberty Caucus of Pennsylvania does hereby firmly oppose HB 1234 and HB 1716 and any other attempt to reduce the size of the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

Preserving Our Civil Liberties

Watch our 40 minute program with Pennsylvania Tenth Amendment Center Pa Legal Director Ben Gross on youtube:


RLCPa to Toomey: Defund Obamacare

Pennsylvania Republican Liberty Caucus to Senator Toomey:  Don’t Fund Obamacare

September 5, 2013 -  The Board of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus unanimously approved the following resolution requesting Senator Pat Toomey to vote against funding Obamacare in the upcoming budget continuing resolution vote:

“Whereas, President Obama has given waivers to unions and big business, but will soon force average citizens into Obamacare ‘exchanges,’ and

Whereas, Obamacare mandates are making it harder for employers to hire full-time workers, and

Whereas, the promises of lowered costs and the ability to keep one’s current insurance have proven untrue, and

Whereas, Obamacare will force doctors to close their offices to more and more citizens and make it harder for citizens to obtain medical care, and

Whereas, members of Congress and federal government employees are exempt from Obamacare, and

Whereas, Obamacare creates mandates that violate certain citizens’ religious and moral convictions, and

Whereas, we believe the citizens of the United States would be better served with free market solutions to our healthcare problems,


Be it resolved that we, the Republican Liberty Caucus of Pennsylvania, does hereby petition Senator Toomey to sign the Lee letter, pledging not to vote for a continuing resolution if it contains funding for Obamacare.”


The letter authored by Senator Mike Lee can be read here:

Fourteen Senators have signed the letter thus far.  The list can be viewed here:

The Republican Liberty Caucus supports Republican candidates who defend the Constitution, and works to move the Republican Party in a more liberty-minded direction.   Liberty-minded Republicans can join the Pennsylvania chapter for a $25 annual membership fee on the web site



Liberty Preservation Act Introduced

Republican Liberty Caucus

Pennsylvania Chapter

Contact:  Lois Kaneshiki, Chair


For Immediate release 

Republican Liberty Caucus of Pennsylvania

Announces Liberty Preservation Act (SB999)

Makes It Unlawful to Comply with NDAA in Commonwealth

            The Republican Liberty Caucus of Pennsylvania (RLCPa), in conjunction with the Tenth Amendment Center and State Senator Mike Folmer announce the introduction of Senate Bill 999, the “Liberty Preservation Act.”  The bill would make it unlawful for employees of the Commonwealth to assist federal officials in the implementation of sections of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA.)

          Sections 1021 and 1022 of the NDAA codify for the first time in U.S. history the claimed power of the President of the United States to seize and detain a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil and hold him indefinitely without charge and without trial.

          “These sections violate at least eleven of our Constitutional due process rights,” stated RLC NDAA Project Leader and Harrisburg attorney Marc Scaringi

            Think it can’t happen here?  It already has.

          In 1942, the U.S. military issued an order which began the forced evacuation of 100,000 Japanese-American citizens for no other reason than they were of Japanese descent. 

          “My parents-in-law were in those camps,” stated RLCPa Chair Lois Kaneshiki.  “These are people who didn’t want to learn or speak Japanese at home as children with their Japanese-speaking parents because they wanted to be viewed as Americans first.”

          More recently, it took a month and a half and a 13-hour filibuster by Senator Paul to get Attorney General Holder to tell us whether or not the president has the authority to use a drone to kill a U.S. citizen not engaged in combat.

          Senator Folmer stated, “I believe the indefinite detention of American citizens or others without providing them due process of law is unconstitutional and illegal, including under the NDAA. This is why I introduced legislation to prohibit state, county, and local agencies from complying with NDAA:  to protect Pennsylvanians’ due process rights.”


Senate Transportation Bill

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Pennsylvania opposes the recent Senate $2.5 billion transportation bill (SB1), which is a treasure trove of pork and special interest money, and unnecessarily raises taxes on working Pennsylvanians.

          We agree that we need to fix our crumbling infrastructure, but there are too many things wrong with this bill.

          The bill raises taxes without tackling necessary budget and spending issues that are keeping our Commonwealth from achieving better economic growth.  These issues are prevailing wage and pension reform, the latter of which, with a $47 billion unfunded liability, is on course to bankrupting our state.  Elected officials know these issues must be addressed, yet they have yet to do so.

          The bill spends millions of dollars on mass transit, Amtrak, and even bike trails, which do not fall under the category of “critical infrastructure needs.”

          The bill raises the wholesale gas tax from 19.2 cents per gallon to 47.7 cents per gallon.  It increases license fees, vehicle registration fees, and moving violation fees.  Pennsylvanians will be paying $.75 per gallon in taxes if this bill passes in its current form.

          We urge the House to draft a bill with prevailing wage reform included, and cut the unnecessary projects out of the Senate version.  Perhaps at that point it won’t be necessary to further choke the taxpayers with higher fees and taxes.


RLC-Pa to Hold First Convention

The Pennsylvania Chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus will hold its first statewide convention on Saturday, April 20, 2013, immediately following the Pa Leadership Conference luncheon, approximately 2:00, and the Radisson Penn Harris in Camp Hill.

"We are pleased to announce our speakers Senator Mike Folmer and Marc Scaringi," stated interim Chair Lois Kaneshiki. 

The Pennsylvania chapter formed in November, and National rules require them to have a convention to formally adopt bylaws and elect officers.  Current bylaws can be viewed on the "About Us" page of the web site, and proposed changes must be submitted by April 6 in order to be considered at the convention.

RLC members will also be electing a chair, vice chair, treasurer and secretary of the organization.

"We urge members to attend and participate in the founding of our organization," stated Mrs. Kaneshiki.

Non-members are welcome to be present, hear the speakers, meet RLC members, and observe the convention proceedings.

Any registered Republican can become a member of the RLC.  Annual dues are $25 and can be paid via paypal or check payable to the Republican Liberty Caucus of Pennsylvania.

The Republican Liberty Caucus works within the Republican Party to elect pro-liberty candidates and influence public policy in a pro-liberty direction.

RLC-Pa Announces 2013 Legislative Agenda

Republican Liberty Caucus of Pennsylvania Announces

2013 Legislative Priorities

             The Pennsylvania Chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus Board of Directors unanimously adopted its list of Legislative Priorities for 2013: 

 œ Public Sector Pension Reform

 œ Right to Work legislation

 œ Liberty Preservation Act 

 œ Prevailing Wage reform

No new taxes or tax increases


“We are concerned about our economy and the tax burden that past decisions by the legislature will be putting on our citizens,” stated Chair Lois Kaneshiki.

 The State Office of the Budget says that Pennsylvania’s two public pension plans, SERS and PSERS, are over $41 billion underfunded.  “The legislature has made promises that cannot be met by the current or future workers,” added Mrs. Kaneshiki. “The state must move to a defined contribution plan, as has most of the private sector.” 

 At a time when budgets are being cut for almost everything, pension contributions made by the taxpayers are going to double to $697 million from last year to next year (Source: Keystone Pension Report).


“It is time to tell the truth and rectify this serious problem,” stated Kaneshiki.


“Labor reform will help us deal with these fiscal realities by encouraging job growth, bringing new business to our state, and saving the taxpayers money on construction projects.

“It is also a basic human right that workers should not be forced to join a private organization as a condition of employment,” Kaneshiki added, referring to Right to Work legislation.

If you would like to volunteer for the RLC Legislative Action Team, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 814-207-0011.

More information on these topics will be available on the Legislative Action area of the web site. 






Understanding the Conservative Mindset: A Primer for Liberals, RINO’s and Big-Government Advocates of all Persuasions

Understanding the Conservative Mind

A Primer for Liberals, RINO’s and Big-Government Advocates of all persuasions

by Lois Kaneshiki 

        When I observe what is going on in Washington today and the comments from pundits and citizens across the country, I am reminded of an old Steve Martin joke where he says, “How to Become a Millionaire: First, get a million dollars…” Funny.

          The cries for “getting along” and “just do your job” misses the whole point of the process of compromise that has developed in Washington over pretty much everything. The Democrats want more spending on everything except national defense, the Republicans want a little less spending than the Democrats want on everything except national defense. Usually they come to some “middle ground” which creates a bigger, more bloated government bureaucracy and less freedom for its people.

          In comes some independent-minded, conservative, small-government Republican freshman in 2010, who actually DO want smaller government. They understand it is not a revenue problem, it is a spending problem. With these elected officials, limited government is not just campaign rhetoric to get elected. They actually believe it!

          But now they are elected to Congress, and the Republican leadership expects them to “understand the way Washington works.” Mr. Boehner, you don’t understand. We know the way Washington works. That is exactly why we elected these conservatives to office! To change it!

          So when you are “compromising” with conservatives, you need to give something that will help us get what we want. What we want is to move away from big government and towards the free America that created the greatest prosperity and opportunity for everyday citizens in the history of the world. We can only do that with limited government. We cannot do this by continuing to grow government by some arbitrary metric every fiscal year and continuing to raise the debt ceiling. We can only do it by offering real reforms that will return the many unconstitutional functions of government back to civil society, where they belong.

          Mr. Boehner, if you can’t help us do that, maybe it is time for you to let a real conservative give it a try.